Drydic's Language List

Greetings earthling. This is my website, such as it is. It's pretty muchtotally dedicated to my conlangs (if you don't know what a conlang is, see Zompist's Language Creation Kit for details), but there is some other stuff on here. I work on conlangs and their respective conworlds in my spare time; one is an ā priorī world called Šaol, while the other is an alternate-history Earth, known as Êndug, from the word for earth in one of its main languages, Modern Scythian.

What follows is a list of the languages that exist in some form for Šaol. These (save Hmāi, which hasn't been placed yet) are all spoken on Rašau, the largest continent of Šaol. Only some of them have files up, and what does exist on this site is severely outdated in most cases.

First up is the Steppe family of languages, originating in the southern Raskal, the vast central steppe of Rašau. They inhabit the western reaches of the Raskal, and into the Regil coastal plain beyond. Listed here are Drydic, Uzrat, Kerinidoi, Arēsad/Salor, and Drîdic:

Drydic - the most complete. Spoken in the southern (upper) Regil Valley. Note: The Drydo-Uzrat languages are currently undergoing a massive overhaul. There is very little in this file that is still correct. June, 2011: they're still being overhauled. Check it out if you want a laugh, it's so blatantly Indo-European I'm embarrassed by it.

Udraþ (as it was known then, it is now Uzrat) - Drydic's sister language, spoken in the lower (northern) reaches of the Regil, as well as around the mouth of the river. The boldtext for Drydic applies to Uzrat as well.

Kerinidoi - the language of the Kerinid Empire, spoken to the south of the Regil Valley, across a mountain chain, across the Alasol Plain. An example of a bad mix of Latin and Finnish. It'll get patched up better, eventually. The closest relative to the Drydo-Uzrat group of languages.

Arēsad - the language of nomads on the Regil Steppe, east of the Valley (The Regil Steppe is a subarea of the Raskal). Somewhat distantly related to the Drydo-Uzrat languages. There is a related language, spoken by one of the first waves of nomadic incursions into the Regil Valley, named Salor.

Drîdic - spoken in the gap between the Alasol Plain and the Raskal. Drydic, Uzrat, Kerinidoi, Arēsad/Salor and Drîdic all belong to the Drydo-Kerinidoi subfamily.

Moragravēs - An outgroup to all the languages above.

Illanī - a reanalysed language, derived from an older, more inflecting one. It's ancestor got overhauled, and I haven't gotten around to rederiving this one. It represents another branch of the superfamily the Steppe languages are a part of. It and other members of its family are spoken on the islands of the Xarbran Sea, an inland sea to the south of the Alasol Plain, which is connected to the larger ocean by the Kanaschi Straits.

Daralec - a desert language spoken in the highlands above the Čal coastal plain, near the Regil Valley, and extending to the Ēgit Mountains in the west. Once it gets looked at it's supposed to be a semi-analogue for the Khoisan languages of Southern Africa; a carbon-copy of them it won't be, however.

Čal - the modern variety of an ancient family, spoken along the coasts west of the Regil Valley. Its speakers created the writing system which Salanjan, Drydic, and the other languages in the area are written with. note: the language as described in this file is severely outdated. Its family, Eastern-Čal, has been revised considerably, but is not yet ready for the web.

Salanjan - the Elder tongue, greatly esteemed by all. Spoken in the Regil Valley before the Drydo-Uzrat invasions, it remains the official language of the remnant Salanjan Kingdom which occupies the coast east from the Regil Valley proper, along the Čantai Mountains. Ancestor to the Zein languages:

  • Western Zein - spoken on the western bounds of the Uzrat kingdom. Isolated from the other Zein languages.
  • Coastal Zein - the lingua franca of the Salanjan Kingdom.
  • Highland Zein - Zein language of the Čantai foothills. Somewhat conservative compared to Coastal.
  • Valley Žijn - the descendants of the Salanjan population which did not flee northeast during the Drydo-Uzrat invasions. Probably the most divergent of the Zein languages, it is split into several dialects of its own.

  • Hmāi - a language that was devised as an experiment on minimalist phonologies and how they can become more complex. Eventually it may be expanded into a proto-language for a whole family.

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